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How to Buy Kids Furniture


It can be very challenging to choose furniture for your kids. this is so especially if the kid is below the age of 3.With this in mind, it is extremely important to take your time before draining a million dollars. Here are some tips you can not afford to ignore when it comes to buying kids furniture.

BUDGET it is possible to get extremely cheap furniture from local kids stores. Sky high priced ones are also available. The size of your pocket matters a lot when it comes to making purchases. Thus its good to set aside some amount to avoid overspending or under spending on low quality furniture. if you consider importing, some companies might cater for transport cost. This might be great for your pocket. SAFETY nothing is more painful than the pain of a crying child stuck in between the stuffs in their room. a child’s safety is every parents number one priority. While choosing furniture for your kid, ensure: for instance, if it is a bed,it is not very high, the finishing is safe for your kid’s health, and the edges of most staffs are not supper sharp

MAGNIFICENT first impression is not different from a first date. if the furniture do not look good in the eyes, even the child will not give them a second glance. You can ensure the furniture are fun to your kids by letting them have a ward or give an opinion of what they like while making the purchase. Although this is possible for kids who are 3 years and above.  You can also bring him or her with you while shopping. this will ensure you do not frustrate your child.

CHANGE children grow very fast. You do not have to buy a new bed every time they grow a few inches taller. its better to buy a big bed just once and have them use it for long. There are other things which are easier to change like the color theme. Those can change as often as possible depending on what the kid likes. A change is as good as a rest.

LONGEVITY some furniture last longer than others. You must ensure quality is at very least the top of your range. it is not enough to have a good looking piece of furniture, quality matters. it is one thing to look good and a totally different matter to be a good quality. Ensure each piece is made of durable material whether plastic or wooden. Splash your cash in quality always.


it is crucial for kids furniture to have drawers where they can keep their clothes and toys. Kids can get extremely careless and keep a room in a total mess if the storage space is not enough.

Decorating the Best Kids Room


Need to remove all furniture form the room and clean down the walls with warm soapy water. Ask your child (if old enough) what their favourite colour is Use this colour with at the bottom of the wall painting half way up and use white or another colour for the top section of the wall. Use a ‘freeze’ that is approximately 20cm wide where the two colours meet (as you are using a freeze your painting where they meet doesn’t have to be perfect). The type of freeze you use varies depending on the age and sex of your child. You can paint the child’s favourite colour at the bottom of the two walls opposite each other and the top of the other two walls. This is a unique look, but the classic look is to leave the bottom of all the walls the same colour and the top another colour.

For example if this room is for a seven year old girl’s room, then you could have two tone pink walls. The bottom might be dark pink and the top light pink. Add a freeze strip that goes in the centre of the wall (horizontally) with picture on then, such as; fairies or butterflies (make sure the freeze has a white back group or there will be too much colour). The freeze should be exactly half on each colour of it will look out of balance. Once the walls are dry and the freeze is in place you can add wall stickers to the top section of the wall, to keep with the same theme; fairies, butterflies, angels, etc. For the girl’s room you can place small hooks around the top of the walls and hang fairy lights to act as their night light.

An example of a boy’s room may have two tone blue with a freeze that contains Marvel characters. As the same as the girls room you can add wall sticker or posters up the top of the wall. Instead of the fairy lights you can use the LED wall lights for the kid’s night light. The ones you can get for Marvel are amazing and kids love them.

The furniture that goes very well in kids room are a little table and chairs for their art work, playing games or tea parties. You can also purchase portable kids tents from Ikea that are amazing for the kids to play in If you have a raised bed, like a bunk-bed. You can attach a slide to the foot of the bed where the can slide down instead of climbing down the ladder which can be dangerous. Plastic tubs that shit on racks are a great storage idea, that look bright and colourful for the kid’s toys.